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What are the ‘Tanning Sprays’ and how do they work?

With everyday use, our tanning sprays are guaranteed to give you your dream tan by enhancing the melanin cells in your skin, when in exposure to UV light, this will help your skin tan effortlessly.

How do I use the ‘Tanning Sprays’?

For the best results, use our tanning sprays every day when starting out. 2 sprays in the morning and the 1 spray 5 minutes before UV exposure (we recommend 2–4 sunbeds a week to build your tan, gradually increasing your minutes) When starting a new bottle you can then go down to 2 sprays every other day.

What time of day should I take my ‘Tanning Spray’?

It is completely up to you! We suggest taking your spray in the morning and when starting out 5 minutes before each sunbed.

How will one bottle of the ‘Tanning Sprays’ last?

Your first bottle should last around 2–3 weeks with every day use, and then after that around 4 weeks using every other day.\

Should I use the ‘Tanning Sprays’ when I’m not using sunbeds?

Yes! Consistency is key. For the best results, make sure you are using our tanning spray every day, even when you’re not using sunbeds.







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