Meet the
Peekaboo team

Rebecca ‘Becky Boo’

CEO of Peekaboo & House of Boo

An experienced and award-winning makeup artist & aesthetician, Rebecca is the mind behind the Peekaboo studio and medic clinic.

Her journey into the beauty world began as a young girl when she discovered special effects makeup and the magic it holds. She loved the fact that in just 30 minutes she could transform herself into someone else – someone she wouldn’t even recognise in the mirror. That passion started her down the path to creating Peekaboo.

Along the way, she achieved a degree in skincare and aesthetics, has worked in film, TV and for editorial events like the Brit Awards, and achieved a level 7 certification in aesthetics. She’s won over 22 awards for her makeup and aesthetics work, and is an advanced dermal filler and anti-wrinkle practitioner trained by some of the best doctors and surgeons in the country. Now, training as a nurse practitioner, Rebecca is always looking for ways to transform her clients with modern, advanced aesthetic techniques.

Her friends have always described her as having a ‘big’ personality, and she’s always refused to fit into any box society tried to put her in. She wanted the Peekaboo studio and clinic to be a reflection of that, and give everyone who walked through the doors the chance to feel welcomed, accepted and comfortable just as they are.

She’s also incredibly passionate about giving back to her local community, and the community in general. She’s struggled with some mental health problems in her life, and she has been lucky to have some truly amazing people around her for support. Now that she’s achieved what she has, she feels privileged to be able to give something back. This includes creating the safe space that is Peekaboo, as well as raising money for numerous charities and doing workshops and talks for local community groups.

Most recently, Rebecca has written a chapter for the 2022 edition of ‘Shine On You Crazy Daisy’ – a collection of stories from business owners across the country about their successes, failures and journey to becoming successful women in business. Her chapter, ‘Behind the Mask’ will be available in Volume 6 of the ‘Shine On You Crazy Daisy’ series, and if you would like to know more, you can buy a copy here.



Nurse Practitioner

The sister of founder Becky Boo, Jessica-Grace is a fully qualified nurse practitioner with a passion for beauty. She works with Becky in the aesthetics side of Peekaboo, ensuring a sterile, safe and professional environment.


Georgia L

Hair Extensionist & Beautician

Georgia L is our apprentice, working with us while studying at college. She’s currently in her second year at beauty school, is already level 1 qualified and is receiving in-house training at the clinic to support her learning.

The Story Behind
Peekaboo studio

Peekaboo was first established in 2016 as a makeup shop, a and way for founder Rebecca to explore her dreams of being a makeup artist. We sold makeup and did professional and SFX makeup for clients, and Rebecca’s professional yet down-to-earth attitude was very popular in Petersfield, and she quickly grew a long list of clients for her services.

Over the years Peekaboo has transformed, going from that small makeup shop to the thriving beauty studio and aesthetics medic clinic we are today. Our team is made up of award-winning beauticians, master extensionists and aestheticians, with full first aid training and a passion for making people feel good about themselves.

Alongside the clinic, Rebecca worked hard behind the scenes to develop her own beauty brand – House of Boo. Specialising in lashes, beauty tools and lip products, House of Boo started as a subscription box during the Covid-19 pandemic and has now expanded to a global beauty brand, endorsed by celebrity influencers and

Founder Rebecca has also won the Business Woman of the Year in 2021, all thanks to the amazing work she has done to build Peekaboo and House of Boo to what they are now. Rebecca has always wanted to be the best in everything she does, and she took that passion into building the business and the team at Peekaboo. Now, we’re a multi-award-winning beauty studio and aesthetics clinic nestled in the heart of Petersfield, with clients coming to us from across the country. We’re proud to be known for our quality and professionalism and to be supported by an amazing, loyal and happy customer base.

The journey doesn’t end there for Peekaboo, and we look forward to sharing our future plans with you very soon!

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