Special Effects Make-up

From the mind of award-winning SFX make-up artist Becky-Boo, be transformed into a ghoul, ghost or monster of your choosing. Available with or without latex, our SFX make-up sessions will help you shapeshift into something else entirely. Ideal for Halloween, film or even theatre costumes.

Becky has years of experience in the SFX world, and in particular, has done a lot of work in the TV and film world. Her work on the silver screen spans from Mama Mia and the Brit Awards to full SFX work on films like The Witches.

Horror is her speciality, and the more gruesome the project the better! Becky’s work with SFX is sponsored by only the best brands, allowing her to create some truly stunning and mind-blowing looks from her studio in Petersfield.

  • Make-up Masterclass with Boo
  • Halloween Make-up with Boo (no latex)
  • Halloween Make-up with Boo (with latex)


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Becky-Boo has spent years perfecting her craft and making sure you look perfect at the end of your make-up session. An absolute perfectionist, Becky is able to look at you as a whole, taking into account your face shape, outfit choice and even hair and eye colour, bringing it all together to design the perfect make-up look for you.

Becky is a multi-award-winning make-up artist with years of experience working with celebrities, doing make-up for magazines, films, TV and even the Brit Awards. We can guarantee you won’t get a better make-up experience (or artist) anywhere else!

We can provide professional make-up applications for weddings, proms, birthdays and other special occasions, or even just for an important date when you need to look and feel your best. We’re firm believers that make-up should enhance your natural beauty, not mask it, and we have a passion for helping women look and feel more confident and beautiful.

  • Prom Make-up
  • Bridal Make-up
  • Make-up Masterclass with Boo
  • Base & Contouring Only
  • Eye Make-up Only
  • Full Face of Make-up
  • Strip Lash Application

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What a lovely experience I had at House of Boo this morning. Lately, I’ve been feeling pretty rubbish during my pregnancy and my other half arranged a professional makeup session to get me feeling better in time for my maternity shoot. Well, what a difference a decent beat makes! Felt like me again. Thank you!

– Jess Jarvis


Pro Make-up Artist
What Does The Makeup Masterclass Include?

Our makeup classes are perfect if you’re new to makeup, or just want to up your skill level. You get an hour and a half one on one time with our head makeup artist Becky, who will customise your lesson based on what you want to learn. She will teach you all sorts of tips and tricks from the professional makeup world and guide you through the techniques you choose, so that you can be confident in doing it all at home.

Why Do I Need A Makeup Artist?

There are all sorts of reasons you might want to book a session with our professional makeup artists. The most common is that you have a special event and want to look your best! Other reasons include wanting to look good on camera (which requires a different style of makeup), you want to try new products without buying them first, or you want to remove any stress that comes with doing your makeup for an event.

What Products Do You Use?

We’re not tied to one brand or another at Peekaboo, so we will use the best products to suit your individual needs. We only work with professional, high end makeup products designed for use by artists, in order to achieve the best results for you. Some of the brands we stock include Bobbi Brown, Charlotte Tilbury, Clinique and Too Faced.

Special Effects Make-up
What Experience Do You Have?

Our team have a wide range of experience in professional makeup application. Becky has worked on blockbuster films in both the makeup and SFX departments, and you may recognise some of her SFX work from Maleficent or the modern remake of The Witches! We can provide you with a professional SFX service that will ensure all of your costumes make a real impact.

How Long Does It Last?

All of our SFX makeup looks are designed to last as long as you need them. We only use the highest quality products, sponsored by professional brands, and our application techniques ensure your makeup and prosthetics are set in place, so they only come off when you want them to. Application lasts between 1 and 7 hours, depending on the look required.

How Much Does It Cost?

While we do have packages for masterclasses and Halloween makeup, other SFX needs are a bit different. Because each project is so unique, we are unable to give a packaged price for SFX makeup. Instead, contact the studio so that we can discuss your project and create a bespoke quote for you.